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A Ministry of Parkside Baptist Church

International World Wide Evangelism

Helping to plant Independent Baptist Churches as well as reach Universities, Police, Military,  and Government officials around the world with the Gospel. It is our desire to provide resources and material for national pastors to be effective in their God-given calling. 


Unreached People Groups Today

18 Years

Partnering With Local Churches

3.19 Billion

People have never heard of the Gospel

We Need Your Help!

Now entering our 18th year of reaching into countries around the world, we pause to thank the Lord for all He has done.

With a record number of people being saved and baptized into local independent Baptist churches, individuals being discipled, and new independent Baptist churches being started — we rejoice.

Since the beginning of this ministry under the local church, we have had the privilege to partner with pastors in starting over 150 churches, training thousands of pastors and tens of thousands of laypeople to be soul winners. The need has become even greater with more pastors begging for us to send individuals to train them in discipleship and ministry skills.

While in these countries, we have been given countless opportunities to preach the Gospel in government-run schools, colleges, police training camps, military camps, refugee camps, markets, conference centers, remote villages, towns, and cities.

Please pray about what the Lord would have you do. Your partnership is greatly appreciated and needed today.



Soul-Winning Leadership Conference Thailand/ Cambodia








Highlights From Past Missionary Journeys

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Recommendation from previous national pastors.

“We praise and thank God for the great blessings and victories of the recently concluded 12th Soul Winning Baptist Leadership Conference.”
Pastor Gerry Nable — Philippines

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